Dog boarding and training in an intimate and safe environment

Flat Creek Pet Care is a small facility offering luxury dog boarding and dog training. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to each guest in a safe, stimulating and fun environment. We nurture each guest’s physical and emotional health by providing a balance of exercise, mental stimulation, dog socialization and human companionship.  With a limited number of rooms, dogs boarding with us are given an abundance of personal attention and opportunities for positive socialization with other dogs in supervised playgroups. We match dogs in play groups according to their size, age, play style and temperament so that all are safe and happy.  But if your dog is not social or has behaviors that are not conducive to group play, do not worry!  We offer the same amenities and activities with the same number of let outs throughout the day while supervised by a staff member.

Training dogs to be their best

We believe in training dogs to be the best they can be in regards to their health, behaviors and relationships with others.  We have a balanced approach to dog training, using various methods and tools such as food, luring, marker training, positive reinforcement, e-collars, prong collars, crating and slip leads to set up a clear way of communicating to the dog what behaviors we want and what behaviors we don’t want.  We emphasize educating the owners as much as the dog so that you have success with your dog listening and behaving with you as well.

Susan_JosieSusan Moon owns and operates and is the head trainer at Flat Creek Pet Care located in Evington, Va.  Susan has always demonstrated a strong compassion for animal welfare and desire to provide the best care for pets.  She fulfilled her dream of working with animals when she opened Flat Creek Pet Care in 2010.  Susan avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending pet care related and training conferences each year as well as keeping current on all industry literature.  She loves having the opportunity to support and work with local animal rescue groups to help pets in need in our community.  

Pet Care Counselors

Flat Creek Pet Care’s Pet Care Counselors are all animal lovers and dedicated to providing only the best for your pet. Each Counselor is trained to consider each pet’s needs and provide the level of care that ensures each pet stays safe and will enjoy staying with us. Attention to your pet’s physical and mental well-being is a priority for us. Whether your pet loves playing with others outside or prefers to lounge on a comfy bed indoors, we cater to your pet’s needs and likes. We want your pet to love coming here!