• Lodging for 1 dog -- $50 per night; 10% off additional dog(s) from same household
    • Your pup will rest comfortably in a climate-controlled 4x6 suite when not out playing with others.  Cozy bedding provided to ensure comfortable resting (Kuranda beds available for avid chewers!).  Guests are allowed to bring personal bedding if suitable for the space.  Our priority is your pet's health and well being, so if your pup is accustomed to sleeping in a crate at home and feels more secure doing so, we have crate lodging available as well to fit your pup's size.
  • Puppy Lodging -- $60 per night
    • For puppies up to 6 months of age. Puppies receive additional potty breaks throughout the day to assist with potty training.  Special consideration and time is given when matching with playmates so your puppy learns good play and social skills and doesn't get overwhelmed in addition to adequate play and rest period
  • Special Care -- $60 per night
    • For guests who require additional care and accommodations due to blindness, deafness, mobility issues (severe arthritis or other joint diseases), incontinence, epilepsy, diabetes, recovery from surgery or injury, special medication or diet schedules, or behavioral issues that warrant special time and attention.  We take in a limited number of guests who require Special Care at a time so that we can provide exceptional care to each.  Caring staff are mindful of each guest's needs or take additional precautions to ensure your pup's comfort and safety at all times.
  • Additional charge for PM pick ups ($25 per pet)

    • If you are unable to pick up by 10:00 am, you will incur an additional charge for the day's activities.  Our boarding guests receive a reduced day care rate.
  • Peak Season Rate:  During times of higher occupancy, there is a $3/night per pet price adjustment so that we can continue providing our high level of service to our guests.  The following are peak seasons and holidays:
    • Easter week
    • Memorial Day weekend
    • Independence Day week
    • Labor Day weekend
    • Thanksgiving week
    • Christmas (Dec. 15-30)
    • Summer months (June-August)


  • Nature walk -- $12
  • Kong -- $5 (frozen with treats and peanut butter; a perfect nap time treat!)
  • Chew -- $2 (flavored chew)
  • Bath -- $20  Small (20 lbs. or less), $25 Medium (20-50 lbs.), $30 Large (50 lbs. +)
  • Nail trim -- $10
  • Soothing Mud Massage -- (bath add-on) $12 Small, $16 Medium, $20 Large
  • Brushing or Furminator -- $15 (not dematting)
  • Snack Package -- $7  A popular add-on which consists of a frozen Kong during nap time and dental chew after dinner for those who want to pamper their pups or for guests who may need help settling after playing.
  • Pampered Pup -- $15  This package provides a 15-20 minute private session with staff to do an activity your pup enjoys whether it's fetch, tug, running in the play yard, going on a nature walk, getting brushed or cuddling with staff in our cozy Lounge.  Your pup also receives a stuffed Kong in the afternoon to keep entertained.
  • Brain Teaser -- $15  This add-on is perfect for guests who benefit from mental exercise in addition to physical exercise with play during the day.  Staff engages your pup in an activity that suits such as Find it!, obstacle course, treat puzzles or mazes, ball pit, practicing obedience cues and more.  Mental stimulation is a great way to entertain and tire pups as they are using brain power!
  • Pupdate -- $15 per day  A great add-on for those who really want a daily update on how their dog is doing while staying with us.  Includes a picture and brief update, either by text or email.