“We tried two other daycares before finding Flat Creek.  I knew the minute that I met Susan that we had found our place.  She was so friendly and kind and our dogs took to her and her staff right away.  One of our dogs is very shy, but she actually gave Susan a kiss and got excited to see her.  The new facility is beautiful and the dogs have indoor and outdoor play spaces.  The staff is wonderful and the dogs are spoiled and pampered (exactly like I treat them at home).  Flat Creek is our favorite daycare.  I would recommend them to anyone.  My dogs Maggie and Lexie give them five woofs!!!!!!  Best daycare/boarding in and around the Lynchburg area.”

Kylie Troy

“I have tried a number of places and Flat Creek is by far the best option around.  Our pup loves it there and I can tell that he is very comfortable with the staff.  They are very knowledgeable and respectful, and they really care about the quality of their service and the facility itself.”

Lisa Fabulich

“Top notch was given to our Maverick, our 7 month old Brittany pup!  His energy level is true to his breed and this team of professionals kept him well entertained.  In fact, we’ve renamed Flat Creek to Doggie Disney World!  From HUGE play areas to bacon scented bubbles, it’s the only place we’ll board our pets.”

Shannon Smith

“A friend recommended Flat Creek Pet Care knowing how hesitant I was to leave my pups (two 5 year olds and one 13 1/2 year old) for an extended period of time.  Leaving my three furry “girls” for an entire month was a nerve wracking decision for me, especially since my two 5 year olds had never been in a kennel before.

I visited Flat Creek, and after seeing a very clean, well run facility with a caring staff certainly made my decision easier.  One of my 5 year olds was then very skittish.  With your help in getting them adjusted during the several months prior to my leaving, as well as your incredible care during my absence, made my “neurotic pet mom” nerves calm.  The almost daily pictures you posted were priceless and I’ve saved all of them.  Blowing bacon flavored bubbles for snowed in bored dogs certainly puts you at the top of the list of wonderful care facilities for furry kids.  I would highly recommend Flat Creek Pet Care to anyone inquiring pet care.  It’s much more than a boarding facility.  Considering all the daily activities offered to the guests, as well as truly personalized care, I’ve deemed it more of a “spa” for pups.  Since returning I feel that if my girls were given an opportunity, they would be daily visitors.  Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!”

-Dorothea Flanik, Lynchburg, VA

“We are so thankful that we discovered Flat Creek Pet Care and Susan Moon.  Her facility is amazing.  The kennels are more “doggie condos” than kennels and most importantly, they are always spotless.  There is plenty of room for her guests to run and play including a pool in the summer!  And Susan really gets to know her guests; their general behavior, personalities and idiosyncrasies, not only to determine appropriate playmates but to enable her to tell when they aren’t quite themselves and warrant close monitoring.  She truly loves her guests, providing loving care at all times.  From personal experience, we can add that she goes above and beyond if there is any indication of a health issue, communicating with us and doing what is needed to ensure the well-being of our “girls.”  We love Flat Creek Pet Care and Susan.  She is one in a million!”

-Jeff and Sally Schneider, Lynchburg

“We have been boarding our dog at Flat Creek Pet Care for almost three years, and because of a busy travel schedule, Biscuit is usually there several days a month.  The care she gets would exceed anyone’s expectations-her own private room and run, nature walks, daily handwritten notes on how her day was, and since she gets along well with other dogs, she can play in the doggie play area during the day.  Sue and her staff are loving and nurturing to all the ‘residents’, I highly recommend Flat Creek Pet Care to anyone who has a pet they love!”

-Beverly Bennett, Forest

“What would we do without FCPC?  I truly don’t know.  My husband and I have three dogs and one is elderly with many special needs and back problems.  Susan has always taken extra special care of her, separating her from other dogs when needed and giving her plenty of quiet space to rest.  Susan also administers medicines if needed, takes our dogs on nature walks and sometimes texts us adorable pictures of what our pups are doing while we are away!  I always look forward to receiving the report cards at the end of my dogs’ visits to see Susan’s sweet notes on their daily behavior, eating habits and how they interacted with the other dogs.  The rooms, runs and other spaces at FCPC are spotless, smell GREAT, and are always cozy.  It is a home away from home with snuggly dog beds everywhere, blankets, toys and treats galore!  Susan is seriously an angel (I have told her that many times) and we and our dogs are so lucky to have her.”

-Rachel Dalton, Lynchburg

“When you love your pets, I think you can sense when other people love animals too.  Susan of Flat Creek Pet Care lovingly cares for my two Basset Hounds when I travel.  My older Basset, Anna, is shy with people not in her immediate family, and Susan is very patient and gentle with her. The facilities are always clean, and the farm-like setting of Flat Creek Pet Care provides an excellent environment for pets. Susan runs a top-notch business with a personal touch, and that is why I trust my dogs with her when I’m away.  One look at these happy hounds will show you that they are well cared for.”

-Joe La Magna, Evington

“We trust you with Sherman without reservation.  We are so pleased with the level of attention that you provide for our dog, and am impressed with your facility.  I can’t write enough accolades about you and your facility and staff.  Thanks so much for taking such personal care of Sherman.”

-Dave and Paula Skulina  Lynchburg

“Thank you so much for caring for Millie while we were away.  Also, thank you for the photos and note cards, they are so cute.  Because she had so much fun and activity while there it took her a few days to rest up.  The company and exercise was great for her and should we need to board her again, we will be calling.”

-Mark & Kim Bussey, Lynchburg

• “We were immediately impressed by the kennel facilities and by Susan’s knowlege and expertise the first time we boarded Nellie, our golden retriever, at Flat Creek Pet Care.  Nellie took to Susan right away and really enjoyed playing with the other dogs.  Nellie’s a regular now at Flat Creek, and I’m thrilled that she can enjoy her own ‘vacation’ while we’re away.  This is one of the cleanest, best-kept kennels I’ve seen — Susan’s care makes it easy for us to enjoy our time away, rather than worry about the dog.”

– Cassie Wilson, Huddleston

• We came upon Flat Creek Pet Care by coincidence, but we have returned ever since that first visit. Flat Creek provides our dog “Blue” with constant care and attention. Susan treats him as we do, as “one of our children.” With only a few dogs being attended to at one time, we know that he is in good hands. Though Blue is always happy to see us, we are comforted during our vacations, knowing that he is at Flat Creek. We would encourage everyone to see this facility.

-the Williams Family, Lynchburg