At Flat Creek Pet Care, we believe in training dogs to be the best they can be in regards to their health, behaviors and relationships with others.  Whether you have a new puppy that you want to help develop into a confident, happy and obedient dog or you have an older dog who is struggling with obedience or behaviors, we are here to help you with several training options.

Our programs are designed to not only teach basic obedience but to also educate pet parents about the importance of respecting dogs’ true nature, understanding how they communicate and how to establish clear structure and provide guidance for a balanced life.  We believe in a balanced training approach which embraces an understanding of what motivates your dog, how to effectively communicate, and how to cultivate a relaxed and calm state of mind.  Our work with your dog establishes a foundation which is most successful when you commit to continuing the training at home.  If you are willing to do what’s best for your dog and are open-minded to changing habits and your own behaviors that may be affecting your pet’s behavior, we are here to help!

Email Susan at if you’d like to get started or have any questions about our programs.

Training Consultation - $125 - 1 hour

- Not sure what to do about your dog's behaviors?

- Need help considering options or guidance about a particular behavior?

- Meet with trainer to assess behaviors and develop a plan of action or get tips for at home

- $50 goes towards cost of Board and Train if you choose to schedule after consultation

Puppy Day School

Thank you for your interest in our Puppy Day School! Please review the details below and let us know if you have additional questions.


- January 6-11th or February 3-8th (choose one)


- Age: 10-20 weeks
- Health information must be submitted before class begins. This information can be e-mailed to or dropped off during our normal business hours. The documentation must show:
o A negative fecal check. (If your puppy was treated for worms, a recheck is required.)
o Vaccines have been started - Vaccines should include the age appropriate combination of Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.
- All puppies must be free of flea/ticks and current on a flea and tick preventative. We recommend topical or oral options, as all collars (including flea and tick collars) will be removed while they stay at our facility.
- Overall normal temperament. This training is not intended to work on abnormal behaviors, but to set a solid foundation for obedience. If you are struggling with behavioral or abnormal issues (such as separation anxiety, aggression, excessive fear or barking), please schedule a Training Consultation or one of our Board & Train options.


- You will drop off and pick up daily Monday-Friday. On Saturday both the owner and puppy are required to attend a 1-hour lesson from 12-1 PM to review and practice the information taught throughout the week.
- Drop off hours for Day School are 7:30-9 AM Monday-Friday. All you need to bring is your puppy and their food (enough food for 2-3 meals each day). Do not feed your puppy breakfast these days because we will use that food during training. For convenience, you are welcome to pack the week’s supply of food in a gallon Ziploc bag or small container.
- On the first day at drop off, you will have minimal paperwork to review and sign before we begin so please allow a few extra minutes. But drop offs the following mornings will be quick and simple!
- Pick up hours are 4-6 PM. We will not have a daily lesson at pick up with the trainer. We will send you a daily video by text to summarize what we worked on that day and information on what you can continue practicing at home so it will be a quick pick up on your way home from work!


- Crate training
- Potty training
- Engagement & Marker training
- Appropriate socialization with both people and other puppies
- Confidence building


- $625 to cover the entire week of classes and the Go Home lesson as well as any training collars/leashes needed.
- We do require a deposit of $312.50 to secure your spot since space is limited. This deposit can be made with a credit card over the phone or with a check mailed to: Flat Creek Pet Care, P.O. Box 5, Evington, VA 24550.
- To enroll your puppy, complete the New Guest Application at



Puppy Primer

Puppy Primer - $625

- For puppies 3-6 months of age

- 1-week Board & Train for on-the-go and busy schedules; immersed in a safe and structured environment

- Learn sit, basic stay, come, down, threshold manners, leash walking

- Teach or reinforce potty and crate training

- Supervised play and socialization with other dogs as appropriate

- Focus on engagement and building confidence

- Must have initial health check with veterinarian, vaccine boosters and deworming

- Includes bath prior to pick up

- Go Home Lesson at facility (1 hour) to transfer information and tips and practice techniques

Obedience is key

Basic Obedience - $950

- For dogs 7 months and older.

- 10 nights of boarding and training to build a solid foundation of obedience saving you time and frustration

- Learn sit, down/stay, place, polite leash walking, appropriate greeting and improve overall control and focus.

- On leash training (we offer off leash training in our Intermediate Obedience packages)

- Includes training collar, bath, Go Home Lesson (1 hour) and 1 Follow-up Lesson as needed within 3 months.


Intermediate Obedience with E-collar  -  Board & Train programs customized to meet your dog's needs.

- 2-week = $1,600 + cost of e-collar

- 3-week = $2,400 + cost of e-collar

- $650 per additional week after 3 weeks

- For those wanting to take their dog's skills to next level and start off-leash obedience.

- For dogs 6 months and older.

- Off leash remote communication with modern e-collar training.

- Skills and Commands taught:  Sit/stay, Down/stay, Place, Heeling (no pulling, barking, lunging at people/dogs), threshold manners, Crate training, Recall, Overall impulse control (calmer state of mind)

- Eliminate behaviors such as jumping, nipping, mouthing, excessive barking

- 2 week B&T conditions the dog to remote communication (e-collar) but is not sufficient for 100% off leash recall reliability in distracting settings

- 3 week B&T proofs skills in public with multiple training field trips as well as more distraction and duration work for calmer state of mind and impulse control (ideal for mild reactivity, anxiety and behavioral issues)

- E-collar is $180-260 depending upon dog's needs.

- Bath, prong/training collar and Go Home Lesson (1-2 hours) included.  2 Follow-up Lessons as needed.



Behavior Rehabilitation - $2,850 for 3 week program ($850 per additional week)

- Requires consultation prior to starting to evaluate behaviors and discuss appropriate length of program for desired goals

- 3 week minimum required for significant behavioral issues such as dog-to-dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, severe fear issues or extreme reactive/behaviors

- Dogs with significant behaviors or anxiety can take a few days or up to 1 week to trust and adjust to new leadership and structured environment.

- Basic obedience skills learned in addition to changing state of mind to eliminate behaviors and anxiety and build feelings of security and confidence for a more balanced dog.

- This is an e-collar training program (included in cost).

- Lesson mid-way to prep and assess behaviors; 2 hour Go Home Lesson at pick up to transfer information and strategies as well as practice techniques.

- Bath prior to pick up and 3 Follow-up Lessons as needed.