Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience Board and Train

This popular program provides both on and off leash obedience for everyday living. Whether your dog needs better household manners or is reactive when around people or dogs, this is the program to help you and your dog.

We spend time appropriately conditioning your dog to an electronic collar, so that when distracted, your dog will know how to respond to you. We are balanced trainers, so our training focuses on using all quadrants of learning to teach your dog what behaviors we want and what behaviors we don’t want. After training in a low distraction setting and gaining your dog’s trust, we move to working in high distraction settings to proof your dog’s obedience for real life living. This can include going to public spaces such as parks, stores, veterinarian offices or the groomer; we customize the program to fit your dog’s needs.

Our goal is to help you understand your dog’s needs and how to effectively communicate to improve your relationship and life together. Some dogs’ behaviors may not be completely alleviated such as fear of certain people or situations, but we can help you understand what your dog needs from you to cope better and how to manage the situation to keep everyone safe.

What We Work On

  • Marker training – creating a clear communication system
  • Building engagement and confidence
  • E-collar conditioning
  • Sit and holding, Down and holding, Come, Place, Heel (loose leash walking),
  • Correct behaviors such as jumping, rude greetings, excessive barking, or nipping.
  • Duration and distraction training for improved focus and control overall – better house manners and obedience in distracting environments

Minimum of 3 weeks; 4 weeks + recommended for behavior modification

Monday-Friday Board & Train (your dog is home with you on weekends to practice)

Board & Train through weekends is an option upon request and is at an additional cost per night.

Lesson scheduled each Friday at facility here in Evington. Final lesson scheduled at your home or in community.

Health records can be emailed to

*For dogs who exhibit significant anxiety, fear behaviors, reactivity, resource guarding or aggressive tendencies, 4-6 weeks is required to work on behavior modification.