Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience Board and Train

This is a 10-night program for dogs 6 months and older to build a clear communication system and a solid foundation of basic obedience skills.

What We Work On

  • Marker training – creating a clear communication system
  • Building engagement and confidence
  • Sit, down, loose leash walking, threshold manners, coming when called, and polite greetings (no jumping)


$950 - Includes any training tool that assists with your dog’s learning such as a prong collar, slip leash, or long line

Off leash recall and obedience in distracting environments are not provided in this program, but we provide a solid foundation that you can build on. This program is not for dogs who are exhibiting any behavioral issues such as reactivity, separation anxiety or aggression.

Requirements for Basic Obedience Training

  • Proof of Rabies and Distemper vaccinations
  • Flea/tick preventative (preferably a topical or chewable)
  • For puppies, we require an initial health check by your veterinarian, the start of their Distemper vaccine series, and a flea/tick preventative.
  • A nonrefundable deposit of half the cost of the program to secure the reservation dates.

Health records can be emailed to