Board and Trains

What is the Board and Train System?

A Board and Train means your dog stays with us for the entire duration of their training.

This is a great option for owners who don’t have the time to commit to training their dog, may struggle with how to teach their dog properly or are unable to manage significant behavioral issues.

During their stay with us, we are working on developing trust, engagement and a clear communication system. Our balanced training approach allows for a happy and healthy mindset in order to learn news ways of behaving.

We want to help you have the best possible relationship and to enjoy life with your dog to the fullest! Once the Board and Train is completed, we are still available for support and guidance. You can call, text or email with any questions or concerns, and we will help you. Follow up classes such as Pack Walks are available to gather with other training alumni for socialization, support and problem-solving.

A Typical Day With Us

A typical day is comprised mostly of training sessions. However, we believe that anytime you are with your dog, you’re training! So, every contact and moment we’re with your dog, whether it’s releasing from the crate, feeding, or putting on the leash to go for a walk, is a training moment. Therefore, we take advantage of every moment to reward or correct behaviors. We incorporate food and play into our training as rewards to build a solid and trusting relationship with your dog.

Can I Visit?

We often get asked by owners whether or not they can visit their dog during the Board & Train. We do not recommend this as it is confusing to the dog and can impede or delay the process. At times, for longer stays, we may suggest a lesson mid-way to evaluate the dog’s reaction to the owner or begin sharing/teaching information to the owner.

Go Home Lesson

At the end of the program, we schedule a Go Home Lesson with you at your home. During the lesson, we review the communication system, have your dog demonstrate the skills taught and allow you to practice with your dog before going home. Depending on the Board and Train program, allow anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 hours for the lesson.