Private Obedience Training

Private Dog Training

We offer private, 1:1, lessons for owners who have plenty of time to work with their dogs and who are interested in learning how to teach their dogs basic obedience skills. 1 hour lessons are scheduled either at our facility, at your home or other spaces for distraction training when needed.

We can customize the lessons to work on your needs and goals for the training but general skills and behaviors include: potty and crate training, leash manners, threshold manners, sit, down, Come, polite greetings, place and correcting negative behavior such as jumping or counter surfing.

Training and Consultation

Need help evaluating your dog’s behaviors or identifying ways to stop them? Not sure which of our programs would best suit your dog and your training goals? We offer a consultation for you and your dog with a trainer to evaluate and come up with a plan of action. The cost is $125 for a 1-hour meeting at our facility with you and your dog, and is waived if you sign up for a Board & Train program with us!


$125 - For the first lesson to evaluate your dog's skill level and training needs

Includes treat bag, long line and any other training tool that will assist your dog’s learning such as a prong collar or slip leash

$100 - Per lesson thereafter

Dogs exhibiting a significant amount of reactivity or aggressive behaviors would benefit the most from our Intermediate Obedience Board & Train program. A significant amount of change in the dog’s mindset needs to occur as well as your relationship, boundaries and structure within the home. We can help reboot your dog’s mindset during their stay with us, then teach you what is needed and how to incorporate the changes upon completion of the training.