Puppy Primer Obedience Training

Introductory Puppy Training

1-week Board & Train (7 days) for puppies 10-20 weeks of age. Puppies 6 months and older must enroll in Basic Obedience Board & Train.

It’s never too early to start training! And whether you know it or not, whenever you are with your puppy, you are training. We can help you make sure you are training good behaviors from the start.

Our program can help eliminate and manage puppy behaviors such as soiling in the house, chewing, nipping and jumping. These are natural puppy behaviors, but we can teach you how to properly manage your puppy during this critical developmental period.

What We Work On

  • Marker training – creating a clear communication system
  • Building engagement and confidence
  • Crate and potty training
  • Proper socialization and positive exposures
  • Foundation for sit, down, walking on leash, door manners, coming when called, and polite greetings (no jumping)



Requirements for Introductory Puppy Training

  • We will require proof of initial health check by your veterinarian and the following vaccinations: Rabies and Distemper (as recommended by your veterinarian for the age of your puppy).
  • Flea/tick preventative (preferably a topical or chewable)
  • A nonrefundable deposit to secure reservation dates.

Health records can be emailed to info@flatcreekpetcare.com