Introductory Puppy Training

For puppies between 10 and 20 weeks old.

It’s never too early to start training! And whether you know it or not, whenever you are with your puppy, you are training. We can help you make sure you are training good behaviors from the start.

Our program can help eliminate and manage puppy behaviors such as soiling in the house, chewing, nipping and jumping. These are natural puppy behaviors, but we can teach you how to properly manage your puppy during this critical developmental period.

You choose one of the options below to train your puppy.

Board & Train

Your puppy stays here overnight for the duration of this 5-day program, Monday – Friday. Drop off Monday morning and turnover is scheduled on Friday here, at your home or in a public setting. Your puppy is home with you on the weekend.

** Option: add an extra week of training for more socialization, confidence building, and exposure during field trips in the community.

Day & Train

A 3-week day school program with 2 day visits per week. Your puppy trains during the day and is home with you overnight.

Drop off at the facility in Evington each morning and pick up that afternoon.

Private Lessons

Individual lessons to teach you how to train your puppy.

Up to 6 lessons (45 minutes max each) at facility in Evington with optional last lesson in community.

First lesson is without your puppy to review important information on how to raise your puppy for best success: how to reinforce and manage potty/crate training, what is socialization, building engagement with food and play, and how to provide daily structure.

Ask how my clients benefit from enrolling in my Exclusive Support Group for ongoing guidance and education after graduation. I want to continue supporting the progress you and your dog made during the training program!

What We Work On

  • Marker training – creating a clear communication system
  • Building engagement and confidence
  • Crate and potty training
  • Proper socialization and positive exposures
  • Foundation for leash manners, sit, down, polite greetings, door manners, and name recognition for coming when called.

Health records can be emailed to info@flatcreekpetcare.com