Are you stressed when walking your dog? Tired of being pulled constantly?

Contact us today if you want a well-behaved dog that actually listens.

  • You can have calm, enjoyable walks.
  • You can have a dog behave politely around guests and in public.
  • You can have a more harmonious home free of chaos or constant worry.
  • We can help you build a better bond with your dog so that your dog has more freedom and can
  • be included in family activities and outings.

Training Services

It’s never too early to start training! We can help you build a lasting relationship, reinforce good behaviors and prevent the bad ones from the start.

Build a solid foundation of obedience training and a clear line of communication. For dogs 6 months and older.

This popular program provides both on and off leash obedience for everyday living as well as assists with behavioral modification.

We offer private, one on one, lessons for owners who have plenty of time to work with their dogs.

  • Will H.

    We could not imagine better results or service. This training changed our entire relationship with our dog (7 years old). We were taught how to communicate more effectively with our dog and how to continue improving behavior after the training time was complete. Susan went above and beyond to be flexible with pick up, drop off, and providing everything we needed and more. We could not have asked for a better experience.

    Will H.
  • Kevin Lease
    My Pittie mix Oliver just finished Susan's 3+ week Behavior Rehabilitation training program at Flat Creek Pet Care. Oliver had issues with anxiety based reactivity. I was reunited with Oliver a few days ago and Susan worked with me for several hours to make sure I was comfortable leading Oliver and controlling the e-collar. The transformation in Oliver is nothing short of a miracle. Although I am still learning all of the training myself, we now go on walks confidently, even with people/dog distractions along the way. Oliver responds so well and is obviously more relaxed when we are out and about. His ability to heel, down, sit, place, and break are amazing. Susan also worked with me on using the long leash and having Oliver return on command. I will begin working on that more once I have obtained more confidence on the short leash and e-collar. Initially, I was skeptical on the use of the e-collar, but now I am completely sold on it. The balanced approach that Susan using in her training makes so much sense and obviously works. During the training, Susan posted pictures and movies of Oliver's training and progress. It was amazing to watch him doing so well! She also answered my never-ending questions during the training. She is so knowledgable. A friend of mine recommended Susan and Flat Creek Pet Care and I am SO GLAD that I looked into it. Amazing!!
    Kevin Lease
  • Bethany Reaves
    If you’ve never had a dog trained you may be feeling anxious or apprehensive on where to send them, as I was before using Flat Creek. I did much research on different programs and facilities beforehand as well as looked at extensive reviews from all of them. All my apprehension was laid to rest when we used Flat Creek. Susan was very engaged with our dog and made it a point to ask as many questions as possible to understand and uncover where she needed to direct focus. Each training program is tailored to your specific dog and needs. She made things very comfortable and it is apparent that she genuinely cares about the outcome. I highly recommend Flat Creek, and will be returning when we add a new puppy in the spring.
    Bethany Reaves
  • Amy Love
    Susan at Flat Creek is tremendous! She was wonderful to work with and the training for our puppy was so thorough. It was amazing how much she learned. We will definitely be back in the future.
    Amy Love
  • Demetrious Nicholson
    We took my Rottweiler to Flat Creek Pet Care at 6 months to begin having him trained before he’s 100+ lbs. I was amazed at the difference I noticed after his 1 week stay. When we returned to pick him up, he was no longer tugging the leash and followed commands much better! We were also equipped with knowledge on reinforcing his training as we prepared to take him home. I was also impressed to see updates via social media. Great experience and very professional business.
    Demetrious Nicholson
  • Cater Conner
    Our Goldendoodle puppy Archie attended a basic obedience session in February/March- the one where he stayed for 10 days. It was hard to leave our 6 month old baby, but we had known the folks at Flat Creek from previous boarding, and we felt comfortable leaving him in their hands. This trust turned out to be very justified! Archie did great. Susan and Kristin worked wonders with him! He learned how to walk nicely on the leash (which was huge for us), threshold manners (oh wait...you’re not supposed to barrel through the door first?), sit, down, come, and place. Who knew a crazy active little puppy could learn so much? Archie also had a lot of fun play time while he was there, as evidenced by all the pictures we were able to see on Facebook. We were also able to see pictures and videos of him learning his new skills. Susan and Kristin were very good about remaining in contact with us, and answering questions. When it was time for us to pick Archie up, they put us at ease and helped us learn how to work with him at home on our own. This was done in such a friendly, helpful manner. We highly recommend Flat Creek training. We are so grateful for their help!
    Cater Conner
  • Jordan Reeves
    Susan was wonderful to work with. Our puppy was like a whole new dog when we picked him up after the 10-day board and train. We couldn't be happier with Flat Creek Pet Care. We will definitely be back with our next dog. Thanks Susan!
    Jordan Reeves
  • Melissa Cline
    Our chocolate lab - Zoey spent 10 days at Flat Creek working on basic obedience. Very hard for us to leave our fur baby for 10 days however Susan and her staff set our minds at ease. When we got Zoey back she had learned how to better listen and we understand what Zoey needed from us. Susan was very informative and patient with us. She also allowed us to contact with any additional questions or concerns. Flat Creek was amazing to us all. ️
    Melissa Cline
  • Amanda Dean
    There are truly no words for Flat Creek, their staff, and their services. I recently brought a new puppy into my home, which I haven't had in thirteen years. After looking into training options in the Lynchburg area I decided on Flat Creek and I couldn't be happier
    Amanda Dean
  • Jennifer De Nova
    Wow! Susan and her staff worked their magic on our Nala pup. Nala grew large and fast. She was quite the challenge in our home. We agreed on a 2 week board and train with the e-collar. At our go home session with Susan, I stood amazed. Wow! I felt my jaw hit the floor when I saw Nala respond to all of the commands. Flat Creek Pet Care is worth every penny!
    Jennifer De Nova
  • H.P.
    We’ve had such a positive experience here! Our puppy did a puppy primer here and when he came back, he had wonderful manners (great leash walker now). Susan even followed up on his progress.